Blueberry Cart provides an online eCommerce platform where customers can purchase groceries and other household products and have them delivered to their doorsteps. It is a multi-vendor market place offering a wide range of organic, vegan and ethnic groceries from your local “mom & pop” style grocers and wholesalers.

Blueberry Cart eCommerce Build & Implementation


The Problem ​
    • No eCommerce website, including backend infrastructure for selling and distributing goods and serves.
The Plan

Create a multivendor marketplace where customers can buy groceries, vendors can upload and manage inventory, and drivers can view and fulfill orders. In addition, integrate a POS system for live inventory updates.

The Result

From ideation to implementation, we successfully built the Blueberry Cart eCommerce website in 3 months, one of the fastest turnaround speeds in the industry. 3 weeks after launch, the website was getting conversions, with $0 marketing spend, a big win all around!


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