Tweezerman, competing in the online beauty category and keeping shoppers coming back to its site takes some marketing finesse. The personal grooming tools manufacturer is a bit of a different animal compared with other beauty brands. Tweezerman products come with free sharpening and repair services for life, so consumers don’t need to replenish them the way they would a lip stain or under-eye cream.

But Tweezerman has been making changes and thinking creatively to develop a brand following for its products and drive online sales.

Tweezerman eCommerce Website Redesign
The Problem​

eCommerce site is outdated and need to integrate PIM system for easy product management.

The Objective​

Do a complete website redesign, with optimal user experience flow. Beef up the site with new content, such as videos and tutorials, and improve its personalization.

The Result

Created data driven designs and completed a website redesign for the site with optimal user flows. Increased their website conversions by 30%.



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