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Ash Constantine is a seasoned digital virtuoso with a stellar track record in project management, AI implementation, automation, and UX design, making him a top choice for businesses seeking transformation and innovation in the digital realm.

Ashton is an innovative thinker and design leader. A futurist at heart, his 15+ year background in product design and management, user experience and design thinking, and his curiosity for AI and robotics, led him to develop a unique methodology for business and UX design he calls “thinking like a machine.” Inspired by his experience and success of exploring and integrating design principles in his workplaces, Ash has created many innovation management tool that harnesses the power of collective human intelligence and AI to simplify complex ideas and deliver superhuman insights back to his clients. He is at the forefront of AI and automation integration, leveraging data-driven insights to optimize resource allocation, cost control, and quality assurance, thus catapulting businesses into the future of digital efficiency.

Ashs' career in rich with design and management of innovative digital applications including websites, mobile apps and SaaS solutions and much more. He is a talented designer and manager with over 10 years’ experience in information architecture, analytics and UX design creating solutions for the B2C and B2B markets.

He has have a passion for working with clients and internal stakeholders in a collaborative fashion to realize innovative digital ideas in the marketplace. Having a hands-on approach, he is detail oriented and believe strongly in advocating the end user perspective during the design process. Essentially, he acts as a “bridge” between the business and the technology.

Ashton excelled in organizations of all sizes, from agile startups to global corporations. His ability to align digital strategies with the scale and complexity of diverse enterprises underscores his versatility and commitment to achieving results. He has a proven track record for optimizing user engagement and delivering new products for known brands such as Holiday Inn, Tilley, Hewlett Packard (HP), Woodbine Entertainment and more

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